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February 12, 2007, 11:46 pm
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New link in the left column– Israeli Photography.

Great site- lots of pictures of EVERYTHING. Anyone know any others like this?

Here’s one to start you off


So-Long Saddam!
January 7, 2007, 5:43 pm
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Here is the hanging for anyone who has not seen it yet.

Warning: some may find this disturbing.

Worthwhile sites!
January 4, 2007, 5:42 pm
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They are in the left column, but here they are again:

Palestine Facts – Incredible site.  Detailed facts in FAQ form.  Unbiased yet realistic.  The authors’ opinions don’t affect his/her choice of events.  It’s all there


 Palestine Media Watch – Haven’t had much time to browse around, but I hear its worth a lengthy look.

A little love
December 26, 2006, 1:52 am
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My time to shuffle through current events on the Reuters website has diminshed greatly since summer break has ended. Will see what I can do as far as a resurrection is concerned. For now, if you notice there is a link on the web to a site called XvooM.
It’s an Israeli P2P site and if you know how to use eMule, a great way to get Israeli music. Hope you know how to read hebrew

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Channuka, or Christmas for you goyim.
I would like to bring to light a discussion with my girlfriend from my last night. She boldly claimed that there is something different about “us” (Jews). Something special. While many people believe this to be stuck up, conceded, narcissistic, whatever you think; they must dig deeper. Consider this: any culture we have been placed in, we have excelled, and been hunted as a result. How many places in the world have we entered, succeeded, and been persecuted as a result? It’s nearly countless. All I wish to point out is that there is undoubtedly something unique about us. The fact is undeniable and it needs to be embraced, not denied nor boasted.
Much love people.
Am Yisrael Chai!

Diaspora Jewry — Never Again?
October 7, 2006, 1:21 pm
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I’ve taken part in the debate several times, yet my opinions continue to be taken to the extremes– allow me to explain them more thoroughly.

Not all Jews need to make an ‘aliya’ (immigrate) to Israel.  In fact, maintaining strong communities globally is vital to our/Israel’s existence.  We need this abundance and the representation that accompanies it.  We are, however, beginning to disperse.

Factors such as intermarriage, lack of interest, little awareness, and sparse (if any) recognition in the public school system are all contributing to the weakening of the Jewish body.  This leads me to my next issue- “never again”.

People use this term far too sparingly.  Why is everyone so convinced that something comprable to the holocaust would never happen again?  These same people claiming “it would never happen again its just not possible” are the same ones speaking of a third world war.  Imagine: WW3- Israel is destroyed along with the few countries that support it (save America).  The possibilities just became FAR more realistic wouldn’t you say so?  This is why we must stay strong– if not in Israel than wherever we are.  It can happen again.  Nobody believed it in the 1940’s because it seemed far too brutal to be true… what has changed 60-some years later?  We have the state of Israel… but without it… where are we?  What do we really have?  Can we truly rely on America…. forever?

What does Benjamin Netanyahu (of the conservative Likud party) have to say about diaspora Jewry?  Click here to find out!

September 6, 2006, 11:21 pm
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September 5, 2006, 3:31 pm
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Enough of all these videos/pictures depicting Muslim casualties of IDF attacks. Showing videos of victims is a terrible political strategy, but here’s something for the record… to show it goes both ways… I can do the same thing all these anti-IDF individuals do. Enjoy.